Fall Team Registration Closed

Fall Team Registration is Closed.  Late Registrations may be accepted contact  League Admin at slewis@nnesoccerleague.org 


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The Northern New England Soccer League Board of Directors understands the summer is a time for vacation and relaxation outside of the youth soccer world.  For club officials, club staff, coaches and us here at the NNESL, summer is one of our most challenging times of the year.  From tryouts to decisions regarding team selection, team formation, and league registration weigh heavily on youth soccer clubs managed by volunteers.  We understand that many clubs are struggling to determine which league to place their teams for the fall season.  It is a choice not offered in many years and one that should be fully considered as club leaders determine what is best not only for the fall but for many seasons to come. 

To enable you to take the time necessary to consider the option before you, the NNESL is pleased to extend the fall team registration deadline to August 9th.  If you have any questions regarding the NNESL please contact our Administrator Steve Lewis or to me and we will be happy to answer them. 


John Boisvert

NNESL President    


Welcome to the new home of the Northern New England Soccer League (NNESL)!  Registration for the Fall 2017 season is NOW OPEN!   Click Here to Register Your Teams

Clubs can also register teams by logging into their GotSoccer account and choosing NNESL.

If you need assistance with team registration contact GotSoccer Support at 904-746-4446 or Philip at 904-685-1737