How To: NNESL Team Registration (Existing Clubs & Teams)

How to register for the NNESL  (Team Registration on GotSoccer for season scheduling)


These are the instructions for registering with NNESL. The process is very easy and can be done in a minute or two. You may have to contact GotSocer to inform them that you are moving all or some of your teams to NNESL.

1)  You will need to have your team accounts created, most already are, and in your GotSport Club Account.

2)  Log in to GotSport and go to:

The Club tab

The Team tab, the teams should be listed here.

3) Look for the drop down “Enter teams in an registration event”, see the select “Northern New England Soccer League (Season)  (Year)” from the drop down menu.

4) Press the Select button. GotSport will only show teams that you have not yet entered.​

5) Click the check box in front of any team you want entered. Remember you can sort by team age, gender and competitive level.

6) Press the “Enter Selected Teams” button. The teams are now entered in NNESL. You will also find a “Filter by Upcoming Event” dropdown just below the menu bar. If you select the league from here, GotSport will show you the teams you have entered in the league.

Congratulations you have now registered your team with NNESL!

Please remember that all player and coach registration and rosters are done at US Club Soccer’s Got Sport Registration platform.