2018 USSF Referee Registration and IST

2018 Registration & IST Information

Greetings NH Referees!

As we are now in July, soccer referees are now able to begin the recertification process for 2018 certification.  All referees must recertify on an annual basis; if you currently have a 2017 badge you will need to recertify to referee in 2018.  I want to take this opportunity to let you know about what to expect for your 2017 recertification process.

  • In Service Training (IST) class sessions are only 2 hours.
  • There will be an online component that you will need to complete prior to attending the class. 
    • This will include the test that has been done in class in the past. 
    • If you have questions regarding any of the online material, the instructor will be able to answers those questions in the class.
  • You will be able to access the answers to the online exam after you complete it. 
    • This will help you review incorrect material should you need to retake it (the minimum passing score is 80%). 
    • Questions are from a large bank of questions, so multiple attempts at the exam might results in different questions.
  • If you do not pass the online component prior to the class, still show up
    • You will have up to 30 after the class to complete and pass the online test
    • After that you will need to sign up and attend another IST class to recertify. 
    • This will result in paying an additional administrative fee.

You will no longer be receiving a book and can get detailed information on law change and a complete version of the Laws of the Game here.  Note that US Soccer has given states and leagues discretion that while the Laws are effective July 1, states and leagues can opt to delay implementation until Jan. 1, 2018.  Please check with leagues you referee to see when they are implementing the changes.

Training and being up to date with the Laws of the Game is an important part of being a referee.  IST sessions for the summer are posted at NH GameOfficials.  There are only a few being offered during the summer with many more to be offered during the winter months. 

Finally, the annual summer advanced training is on Saturday, August 12 at Pinkerton Academy from 9 am to 4 pm.  We are pleased that former National Referee and NH native James Brooks will be joining us for the day.  If you are a Grade 8 referee and wish to attend this full day event to satisfy your IST, please contact me for the override code.  It is expected that if you sign up for this, you will attend the entire day.  There is also a fitness test being offered at 7:30 am that morning for anyone who needs or wants to take it.  This is a great opportunity for those looking to advance in the near future.

John Breda

State Director of (Referee) Instruction

New Hampshire Soccer Association