Spring 2018 Season Overview

The spring season will kick off on April 21st. 

  • The spring season will consist of 6 regular season games plus 1 guaranteed playoff game for all teams. 
  • Games will primarily be scheduled on Saturday.
  • May 6th & May 20th will be designated to Sunday games.
  • Friday Night games can be scheduled upon request and agreement of both coaches.  This will apply to other mid week games as well.
  • PROMOTION AND RELEGATION In an attempt to focus on player development and maintain team parity, the league’s competition committee reserves the right to promote or relegate teams at the mid-point (after 3-4 games Fall | Spring) of each season.
  • All teams will play in a playoff match game on Fri June 8th or Sat June 9th. 
  • The winners of the 1v4 and 2v3 match-ups will play on Sun June 10th (location TBD).
  • Games for the lower seeds i.e. 5 v 6 & 7 v 8 will be played at the higher seeds home field or neutral location.
  • All U9 & U10 teams will play in a weekend jamboree June 9th & June 10th ( location TBD).

NNESL 2018 Spring Challenge 1 & 2
There will also be 2 separate festival opportunities for NNESL teams to play (at no additional cost to NNESL teams) 1-2 additional mid-week games against non-NNESL teams either in mid May or mid June. This will be dependent on opposition participation and location. See the NNESL Web Site for more details or contact Steve Lewis at slewis@nnesoccerleague.org