Game Change Policy

All Regular League Games non-weather related event

Once the schedule is posted here will be NO games changed/rescheduled after 12 noon on Tuesday before that weekends’ games unless there are extenuating circumstances. Extenuating circumstance are considered events that affect the entire team, such as a team wide Covid situation, a field closer due to sudden unavailability (State, city town mandated events), School or religious occasions, etc.

Requests must be submitted using the form at the schedule tab.  All request are subject to approval by the NNESL Admin.

NNESL was asked to be a Saturday league so the majority of the games are on Saturday.  However, due to some division sizes, we require the need to schedule certain matchups as mid-week games.

1.      If you need to reschedule a game, Please DO NOT COPY LEAGUE ADMIN ON AN EMAIL

2.      Contacted the opposing coach

3.      Agreed to a reschedule date, time and field.

4.      Then contact the HOME CLUB Field Coordinator who will then submit a Game Change Request Form


Field Coordinators:

Fill out the Game Change Form on the League Info Tab or Coaches Tab of the NNESL Web Site

In the event a team does not play a game as scheduled, for other than weather or field reasons, cancellation by the Field Coordinator or an authorized change to the schedule has been made, any team that fails to appear for or play a game shall forfeit. The opposing team (11v11 or 9v9) will be credited with a 4-0 win for standings purposes. Any game that is not played, the team that did not show will pay a fee equal to the referee fees for that game.

Fines for forfeited games & cancellations are as follows:

  • Game change fee (if after Tuesday by 12:00) - $50 per game 
  • No show at game(s) (No league contact) - $150-per game plus referee fees and travel (if travel pay is applicable) or be assessed a Game Forfeit
  • Game Forfeit - $250 fine will be assessed upon 1st team forfeit. See Operating Rules.

A game change less than 24 hours will only be made up if in the event of a weather cancellation.  In addition, the forfeiting team shall pay any Referee fees incurred by the League as well as a $250 fine. The opposing team (11v11 & 9v9) will be credited with a 4—0 win for standings purposes. League/Opponent not notified, club will be fine $250 as well as any referee / travel fees.

In the event the team and/or costs are not paid forthwith, NNESL shall be authorized to place the offending Club in bad standing and will not be allowed to participate in any playoffs or tournament for the NNESL or in the following season until the fines are paid in full.

Only the “home team” Field Coordinator may cancel games for unplayable conditions or unexpected field emergencies, always excepting the determination by Referees on the field of play that field conditions are unsafe and the scheduled game therefore cancelled.

No games will be rescheduled without approval of the NNESL League  Administrator